Strategic Video Panama City Beach

6 Month Content Strategy Plan

  • Highlighting our service where we plan out 6 months of content
  • Meet with client once a month
  • We handle all coordination, script writing, voiceover, shooting, editing, etc

Video Business Card

The Video Business Card has been the cornerstone of our business since the beginning. Imagine what would happen if your ideal future customers could see and hear who you are, what you do, why it matters, how you solve their problem, how your systems work, and could break down most (if not all) of the worries they may have about your business?

The VBC is the ultimate trust-building tool and is what we lovingly call your salesperson’s best friend. This two-minute video should be plastered on the front page of your website, integrated into your email signature, and should be the thing you show people who ask “So what exactly do you do?”


Our testimonials are more like short stories. Our founder, Jayson, interviews your customer and learns about their previous pain points, how they found out about you, what their experience was like, and how you compare to their past experiences. Yes, even a testimonial can have a strong call-to-action. Our lead videographer shoots footage that is applicable to the experience your customer had. This is an exercise in “show and tell”. Viewers walk away from this video with a firm belief that you’re legit.

Product Focus Video

Product or Service Focus Videos hone in on the specifics of your business. We shoot the footage needed, and work with the client and our script-writer to write a script that explains the product or service, shows the footage and has a strong call to action.

Strategic Video Panama City Beach

Brand Videos

Brand Videos aren’t focusing on a specific service, product, or promotion. These videos are story-based, and touch on your overall brand identity. Who is your company? What are your values? What do you believe in?

Typically, Brand Videos fit into your overall video strategy, and aren’t the first project we work on together.


Interviews are our specialty! Our Founder, Jayson, has spent years crafting the art of curiously asking the right questions and coaching the interviewee to look and sound their absolute best. When we’re done with an interview, you’ll see the best that person has to offer.

Brand Videos Panama City Beach


15sec, 30sec, 60sec Commercials are pretty standard in the advertising world. Our approach to ads and commercials is to first figure out the message. What are we trying to put out into the world? We help you craft the precious first 5 seconds and create a story-arch that keeps people’s attention.

Course Creation

Coaches, Authors, and Experts from all industries can vastly expand their reach by taking their in-person knowledge and filming it for the world. Our high-end studio has all the lights, cameras, amd microphones to make you look and sound your best. We also have a teleprompter if you’ve already scripted out your content. We specialize in filming in bulk to save you time and money.

Brand Videos Panama City Beach

Brochures and Digital Design

We recently began offering this service along with our Courses. This has served as a great selling tool to be able to hand a brochure or postcard to a prospective client. We also offer design of handouts and fill-in-the-blanks for Lunch & Learns and Workshops. These beautiful handouts are design by our co-owner/in-house designer Alexandria