Video Strategist / Videographer in Panama City Beach, Florida

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    “I first met Karen Kirkland with Kirkland Insurance through a referral. Karen was looking to grow her insurance company, and continue building trust with her prospective customers. Kirkland Insurance is a fabulous company with a great reputation, so we decided that shooting testimonials would be a huge asset for her company. We also produced a Video Business Card, as well as a Meet the Agency video. We’ve created several projects for Kirkland Insurance over the years.”

    General Testimonial
    Karen Kirkland
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    “I met Mack Glover in 2018 when we joined a local professional networking group, The A-Team. Mack has an incredible team and a family-atmosphere at Arrow Pest Service, so we created a Video Business Card to really capture the magic. This 2 minute video lives on his website, all of their email signatures, and is regularly sent to customers. Mack’s Video Business Card is a representation of his company, and has led to many sales over the years.”

    Video Business Card
    Mack Glover
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    “Gary White of High Definition Coaching is someone I met through the Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce and quickly became a friend. He is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach and offers a plethora of in-person business and team coaching sessions. Gary wished to shift his business model to allow an online solution for customers who wanted a world-class experience, but without the travel. We created a 16 part, in-depth leadership course that is now allowing Gary to make more money while spending less time. This has become an essential asset for his business, and we’ll be creating another two courses in the coming months.”

    Course Creation
    Gary White