Product Focus/Explainer Videos

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The Blind Co

Dan, owner of The Blind Co, tells everyone “If you haven't shopped for blinds in the last 5 years, come to my showroom”. Blinds, Shutters, and other window coverings have changed a ton in the last few years, so Dan spent a lot of his valuable time just showing off the available products. His incredible showroom now has a virtual presence, where customers can look at his products and how they work 24/7 on his website. Now they can watch this video, call Dan, and make a purchasing decision that much faster.

This video increases Dan’s sales while also saving him loads of time.

Mr. Fence Vinyl

Fences come in so many shapes and sizes. Photos can only do so much to help customers see the vision of their backyard. This video focuses on one specific fence type, and everything someone needs to know about it. Videos like this are your sales staff’s best friend.