Customer Testimonials

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Mr. Fence Testimony

Reviews MATTER. Customers want to hear “from the horse’s mouth” that a company is worth doing business with. One of the top fencing companies in Florida has some really happy customers, and this is a Customer Testimonial we shot for Mr. Fence of Florida. Jayson asked very specific questions to help the customer feel comfortable and give the right information while keeping his answers truly authentic.

This is a game about “Show and Tell”, where we show the viewer the company while telling them about the experience the customer had.




Aqua Pro - Uncle Ernies

Uncle Ernies, a very popular restaurant here in Bay County, uses Aqua Pro Water Systems for their water filtration system. See and hear about the incredible experience this local restaurant has had since hiring Aqua Pro. How many other restaurants will hire Aqua Pro after hearing the testimony of Uncle Ernies?